The Last Seagull

Viimeinen rantaleijona

Ivan is a ‘seagull’: a male escort at a Sunny Beach resort in Bulgaria. He has been doing this for 40 years and wants to quit. He tries to connect with Russian ladies, offering to help them get visas to the EU but realises that he’s no longer credible as an escort. Ivan’s real sorrow is that his adult son in Ukraine refuses contact. Maybe now, in the spring of 2022, it might be possible to re-connect.

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The Last Seagull

Sunday, September 24th, 17:30

Cinema Panora, Salon 2

Competition: Best Nordic Documentary
Premiere Status: Swedish
Country: Finland, Norway, Bulgaria
Duration: 77′

Director(s): Tonislav Hristov
Producer(s): Kaarle Aho
Camera: Orlin Ruevski
Editing: Anders Teigen
Sound: Sander Stedenfeldt Olsen