And the OSCAR® Goes to…

As of 2011 Nordisk Panorama is a qualifying festival for the ACADEMY AWARDS® short film category. This means that a Nordic short film has the chance to receive the most prestigious film award – the OSCAR®.

Short films that receive the Nordic Short Film Award may be eligible to enter the short film competition for the concurrent season of the ACADEMY AWARDS® provided of course that the films meet all the requirements of the ACADEMY OF MOTION PICTURE ARTS AND SCIENCES for that season.

Ultimately, a Nordic filmmaker awarded the main prize at Nordisk Panorama may end up at the podium on Oscar Night to receive the famous golden statuette designed by Cedric Gibbons. A thrilling thought indeed!

Being an OSCAR® nominating festival is a great acknowledgement of the quality films presented at Nordisk Panorama.

Nordisk Panorama has existed since 1990 and has grown from a film festival to a full scale industry event and meeting place for the professional Nordic short film and documentary community.

In addition to the festival programme that offers the best from the current Nordic short film and documentary scene, Nordisk Panorama features two major parallel industry events: Nordisk Panorama Forum for Co-financing of Documentaries and Nordisk Panorama Market. Furthermore Nordisk Panorama offers various seminars, master classes, side programmes, parties, open forums and network opportunities for professionals and audiences.

Don’t miss your chance to win an OSCAR® – submit your short film to Nordisk Panorama now!

Information about the short film rules of the ACADEMY can be found here.

Please note! The deadline to submit a winning and eligible film can be less than a week after the festival. All information will be sent directly after the festival to the winning film.