Submit Your Film to Nordisk Panorama

To submit your film to Nordisk Panorama, please read the regulations, the FAQ page and have everything ready before you begin.

Nordisk Panorama Film Festival

Submit your film to Nordisk Panorama Film Festival and be in the running for various awards and special programmes.

Deadlines for festival submissions:
Films completed in 2023: 15 February
Films completed in 2024: 15 April

Nordisk Panorama Market

As a Nordic filmmaker, having your film selected for the market means more opportunities for the film to be seen by international buyers, festival programmers and distributors.

Selection and curation of the VOD platform is made by the Nordisk Panorama team.

Read more about the advantages of film promotion at Nordisk Panorama Market here.


To be eligible for the festival and market, the film must:

  • qualify as an independent production
  • qualify as a Nordic production or be directed by a Nordic director (i.e. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden)
  • be completed within the current or preceding year
  • be subtitled in English or English versioned
  • Not have been submitted to Nordisk Panorama’s Competition Selection previously