Planet Robin

Robin og planeten

When her parents argue, Robin goes out into the woods. She discovers a little planet that has been injured. She brings the planet home, but planets don’t like living in garages. And little girls don’t like it when parents argue.

This film is playing as part of A Friend in Times of Need. Tickets are limited and only available for accredited guests.

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Friend in a Time of Need + Q&A

Monday, September 25th, 9:15

Cinema Panora, Salon 1

Friend in a Time of Need + Q&A

Tuesday, September 26th, 9:15

Cinema Panora, Salon 2

Competition: Young Nordic
Country: Norway, Denmark, Romania
Premiere Status: Swedish
Duration: 18′

Director(s): Johan Kaos
Producer(s): Gary Cranner
Script: Johan Kaos
Cinematography: Johan Kaos
Editing: Johan Kaos
Sound: Johan Kaos