My Idiotic Heart

Mitt idiotiske hjerte

Ida is unsure about the kind of life she wants to live. When she becomes pregnant with her boyfriend, Eskild, she realizes she doesn’t want the child. The fear of Eskild leaving her if she shares her true feelings drives her to have a secret abortion. She makes Eskild believe it was a miscarriage.

This film is playing as part of The Ripple Effect.

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The Ripple Effect + Q & A

Friday, September 22nd, 16:00

Cinema Panora, Salon 3

Competition: New Nordic Voice
Premiere Status: Swedish
Country: Norway
Duration: 27′

Director(s): Emma Lund Rasmussen
Producer(s): Emilie Bredtved Hansen
Script: Andreas Lübker
Cinematography: Sophie Søborg Mosbæk
Editing: Andrea Rådahl
Sound: Thomas Staugaard