Jasmin’s Two Homes

Jasminin kaksi kotia

Jasmin’s parents move the family back to her father’s home country, Somaliland, where she faces her life’s biggest adjustment. After recovering from culture shock, Jasmin realises that unlike back in Finland nobody stares at her because she looks different. Maybe having two homes isn’t so bad after all?

This film is playing as part of Just Be Yourself. Tickets are limited and only available for accredited guests.

See the film:

Just Be Yourself + Q&A

Monday, September 25th, 9:45

Cinema Panora, Salon 2

Just Be Yourself + Q&A

Tuesday, September 26th, 9:45

Cinema Panora, Salon 1

Competition: Young Nordic
Country: Finland
Duration: 14′

Director(s): Inka Achté & Hanna Karppinen
Producer(s): Liisa Karpo
Script: Hanna Karppinen, Inka Achté
Cinematography: Jarkko M. Virtanen, Richard Forrest
Editing: Magnus Svensson
Sound: Juho Luukkainen