Nordic Projects at DOK Leipzig Co-Pro Market 2016


Motherland, Denmark
(Larm Film)

The Fall of Aleppo, Norway/Denmark/France
(Fenris Film, Stray Dog Production, YUZU Productions)

Typhoon Mama (WT), Finland/Germany
(Illume, Sterntaucher Filmproduktion)
Presented at NP Forum 2016

 (N)ostalgia, UK/Luxembourg/Ukraine/Norway
(Roast Beef Productions, a-BAHN, 86PROKAT, Substans Films AS)

Erto – The Moon Beneath the Water, Italy/Germany/Norway
(Quasar Multimedia, Dirk Manthey Film, Film Föniks)

Nordisk Panorama’s Forum Manager Christina Jul Gregersen will be in Leipzig 30 October-2 November attending the DOK Leipzig Co-Pro Market. Reach Christina by email or at +45 6131 8539.