Nordic Docs at Hot Docs 2018



Dreaming Murakami by Nitesh Anjaan
58 Minutes | 2017 | Final Cut for Real

The Distant Barking of Dogs by Simon Lereng Wilmont
90 Minutes | 2017 | Final Cut for Real
Presented at Nordisk Panorama Forum and Work in Progress

The Return by Malene Choi Jensen,
87 Minutes | 2018 | Walenciak Film

We Could Be Heroes by Hind Bensari
78 Minutes | 2018 | Bullitt Film

Haunted (Hjemsøgelsen) by Christian Einshøj
30 Minutes | 2018

A Woman Like Me by Isabel Morales Bondy
9 Minutes | 2017


Entrepreneur by Virpi Suutari
75 Minutes | 2018 | Oktober Oy
Presented at Nordisk Panorama Forum


Golden Dawn Girls (Hatets vugge) by Håvard Bustnes
92 Minutes | 2017| Faction Film
Presented at Work in Progress


The Deminer by Hogir Hirori & Shinwar Kamal (co-director)
83 Minutes | 2017 | Lolav Media, Ginestra Film

Maj Doris by Jon Blåhed
73 Minutes | 2018| Massa Media

The Traffic Separating Device by Johan Palmgren
15 Minutes | 2018| Vindelfilm

Juck (Thrust) by Olivia Kastebring, Julia Gumpert, Ulrika Bandeira
17 min| 2018 | Bad Land
Presented at Nordisk Panorama Closed Market Screenings


Hot Docs Forum Projects

Balloon Wars
Director: Sissel Morell Dargis
Production Companies: House of Real Aps (Denmark), GROUPE DEUX (France)

Joyce Carol Oates: I’ll Take You There
Director: Stig Björkman
Production Companies: Mantaray Film AB (Sweden), East Village Entertainment, LLC (USA)

Director: Mira Jargil
Production Company: Moving Documentary ApS (Denmark)


Hot Docs Deal Maker Projects

Adil and the Spy, Mantaray Film (Sweden)

Once Aurora, Flimmer Film (Norway)

Vikings vs Wolves On Wall Street, NordicStoriesAS (Norway)