Talks & Seminars

Again this year we are putting on a variety of talks and seminars touching upon some of the exciting, challenging and inspiring corners of the short and documentary industries. Join us and join the conversation.

Filmarträff with Jenifer Malmqvist

Friday 23 Sept / 17:00–18:00 / Grand Malmö

Open for accredited guests and audiences

Nordisk Panorama teams up with Filmcentrum Syd to invite you to Grand Malmö for an afternoon of drinks, networking and a unique opportunity to encounter Jenifer Malmqvist, director of Daughters.

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Masterclass: Immersive Storytelling

Friday 23 Sept / 20:00–21:30 / Scandic Triangeln

Open for accredited guests and audiences

When it comes to animation, they don’t come much more knowledgeable and revered than Michelle & Uri Kranot. Giving insight into their work and their processes, this masterclass will focus on their approaches to animated documentary and immersive storytelling.

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An Industry or Forum accreditation is requiered to attend the talks and seminars below.

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How to Survive as a Short Film Producer

Saturday 24 Sept / 15:15–16:15 / Scandic Triangeln

How do you manage your portfolio and make ends meet when you produce short films? In this seminar three producers of short films share their thoughts, experiences and struggles to survive as short film producers.

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In Times of Crises – Can New Voices Emerge?

Saturday 24 Sept / 16:30–17:30 / Scandic Triangeln

With the pandemic putting film production on the back burner, The Swedish Film Institute found a way to enable new and unheard voices to emerge and get the chance to show what they could do. By funding the regional film funds, they gave carte blanche to the schemes…

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Film Composing – The Creative Process

Sunday 25 Sept / 15:00–16:00 / Scandic Triangeln

Earlier this year Sanna Salmenkallio received the prestigious Harpa Nordic Film Composer Award for her music score for the documentary Aalto, directed by Virpi Suutari. Join us in the creative engine room with the celebrated artist and some fantastic music.

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The Short Documentary Art Form

Sunday 25 Sept / 16:15–17:15 / Scandic Triangeln

In this session, director David Borenstein and producer and NY Op-Docs commissioner Jesper Jack share their experience of working with short form documentaries, shedding light on the short doc form, its opportunities and creative possibilities.

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NP Town Hall

Sunday 25 Sept / 18:00–19:30 / Scandic Triangeln

As the world looks today, we realize how dramatic and rapid things are moving, and it is relevant to ask ourselves: when it comes to shaping the future possibilities for documentary filmmaking – where are we going?  Where do we want to be? We urge you to join the discussion!

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Would You Buy This? w. Quickfire

Monday 26 Sept / 12:30–14:30 / Scandic Triangeln

Put your film to the test and discover its distribution potential from the people who know. In this session we urge filmmakers to bring their short film and show it on the spot. The screening will be followed by live feedback from experienced short film distributors & buyers.

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Nordic Rough Cuts

Monday 26 Sept / 15:00–16:30 / Scandic Triangeln

In this session, two Nordic documentary film projects at a rough-cut stage allow us to take a peek into their editing room. A panel of three industry professionals and experienced editors will give live feedback and constructive suggestions about how to solve storytelling issues.

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Doc Series: Welcome to Norway

Tuesday 27 Sept / 17:00–18:00 / Scandic Triangeln

More and more documentary series are seeing the light of day and demand for series from buyers also seems to be increasing. But what does it take to make a documentary series and how does the process differ from making a feature?

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