NPM Work-in-Progress 2022

Sunday 25 Sept, 13.00-18.00, Scandic Triangeln, Malmö & Online – Selected Market Guests Only

Giving nearly finished films the final push

Work-in-Progress presents 6 nearly finished documentary projects, almost ready to make it onto the world stage. The projects are presented to international and Nordic decision makers in a tailor made event, created to make sure that each project benefited the most from the presentation.

The presentations and consecutive one-to-one meetings take place at Nordisk Panorama Market on Sunday 25 September 2022.

The Work-in-Progress presentations follow up on former Nordisk Panorama Forum pitches and pitches at fora around the world. All projects presented are looking for a last push to be finalised, a sales agent/distributor or festival premiere.

For more information, contact Market Manager Maria Stoianova.


Breaking Social

Director: Fredrik Gertten Production Company: WG Film AB Producer: Margarete Jangård Country: Sweden

The social contract: the rules we follow and some don’t. Breaking Social uncovers the pattern of corruption and kleptocracy erasing the social tissue, followed by social uprisings. In Chile a new turn is taken, with young women in the lead.


Director: Mette Korsgaard Production Company: Hansen & Pedersen Producer: Malene Flindt Pedersen Co-Production: WG Film AB Country: Denmark

During the summer of 2020 Joannahuset opened as Denmark’s first and only safehouse for children and young people who have nowhere else to go. Since then, 84 children have reached out for help and counseling. In Denmark, The Childrens’ Act states that a child must always be heard in cases where the authorities have been notified about concerns for their well-being. But studies have shown that the authorities only speak to one third of these children. We meet some of the young people who are fighting to be heard in a system where their experiences are far too often ignored.


Director: Milja-Liina Moilanen, Eveliina Pasanen Production Company: Tuffi Films Oy Producer: Elli Toivoniemi, Juha Löppönen Country: Finland

Eevis, Mira and Meiju participated in different reality tv-series and instead of having the time of their lives they were publicly humiliated. These experiences drive the women to embark on a journey to reclaim their self image and speak their truth. Can Eevis defeat shame through vengeance? Can Mira reach acceptance through fitness competitions? Can Meiju outsmart the entertainment industry? Or will the house always win?

My Sister Super-Stella

Director: Mari Monrad Vistven Production Company: Medieoperatørene AS Producer: Ingvil Giske Country: Norway

We follow Stella from four (4) years old, looking up to her bigger brother Todd, 6, who is soon starting school. He talks to Stella about his worries and the fear of leaving kindergarten. But Stella is too little to understand his complicated words. In Todd’s eyes she seems carefree, but she soon misses him when he is not in kindergarten anymore. She wants to understand what he is talking about.

Good Banks, Bad Banks

Director: Margrét Jónasdóttir, Jakob Halldórsson, Bosse Lindquist Production Company: Sagafilm  Producer: Margrét Jónasdóttir Country: Iceland

This is a story of vast financial success, unlimited confidence and sometimes criminality, as well as fearless whistleblowing, brave honesty and deep-routed respect for justice. But it’s also a story of how chance, global powerplay and volcanic eruptions can lead to yet another bonanza for a small nation.


Director: Peter Hammer Production Company: Bullitt Film Producer: Vibeke Vogel Country: Denmark

Siblings Susie and Sune are strong and fragile in their attempt at finding shelter from the winds of the world. They come from a difficult life and upbringing and are now establishing themselves in a shared worn-out farm house full of living and dead animals. Their shared dream is to establish a successful taxidermy business and create a real home for themselves.