Short Film Day 2021

Winter Solstice falls on 21 December and with the year’s shortest day we want to celebrate some great Nordic short films. We put together a “love”- inspired short film programme with some animations to warm your hearts.

The Danish Poet (Den danske dikteren)

by Torill Kove

Is our existence just coincidence? Do little things matter? Kaspar, a poet whose creativity has run dry, looks for inspiration by holidaying in Norway. Bad weather, angry dogs, tumbling cows, careless postmen, hungry goats and other seemingly unrelated factors might be important in the larger scheme of things after all.


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A Fairytale of our Time (Ævintyri á okkar tímum)

by Inga Lísa Middleton

An animated fairytale which describes the battle between a Hero, representing the ecologically aware man, and a Monster, representing pollution and destruction. The theme is the relationship of man with nature and the destructive effects of pollution and abuse of natural resources.


Tango Jalousie

by Jannik Hastrup

A visual interpretation of Jacob Gade’s Tango Jalousie from 1925, which passionately expresses the drama of jealousy. An elderly violinist strikes up a tune and dances across the screen, young again. Meetings, hearts set on fire, rejection and defeat, maturity and peace.


The Maiden and Soldier (Tyttö ja sotamies)

by Katariina Lillqvist

The great war, of a pallid chambermaid in her little bedsitter and a soldier lost in a cheap mirror. On new year’s eve the time is out of joint, the fronts have gone askew: heroes rot in garbage cans and muddy trenches – only the skeletons howlands bellow in the bars and point with trembling fingerbones the way to the field hospital…


The Tale of Little Puppetboy (Sagan om den lille Dockpojken)

by Johannes Nyholm

Puppetboy is sweating floods of clay, preparing for a lady’s visit. He gets even more nervous when she arrives.