NPM Work-in-Progress 2019

Sun 22 Sept, 13.30-18.00 , Scandic Triangeln, 3rd fl. – Selected Market Guests Only

Giving nearly finished films the final push

Work-in-Progress presents 6 nearly finished documentary projects, almost ready to make it onto the world stage. The projects are presented to international and Nordic decision makers in a tailor made event, created to make sure that each project benefited the most from the presentation.

The presentations and consecutive one-to-one meetings take place at Nordisk Panorama Market on Sunday 22 September 2019 in the afternoon.

The Work-in-Progress presentations follows up on former Nordisk Panorama Forum pitches and pitches at fora around the world. All projects presented are looking for a last push to be finalized, a sales agent/distributor or festival premiere.

The Work-in-Progress projects are therefore not selected through an open call, but invited to submit.

For more information, contact Market Manager Maria Stoianova.


Selected Projects


Balloon Wars

Director Sissel Morell Dargis Producer Jesper Jack Production Company House of Real Country Denmark

In 1998, Brazil was the first country in the world to imprison people who release hot-air balloons. But far from ceasing to exist, the balloon culture simply went underground. Today thousands of balloon gangs represent alternatives to “real” gangs and their deadly crimes. Balloon Wars follows the two gang members Jabá and Ton, who belong to two of the most infamous balloon gangs in Brazil.


Director Jonas Poher Rasmussen Producer Monica Hellström Production Company Final Cut for Real Co-Production: Sun Creature Studio, Most Film AB, Mer Film AS
Country Denmark

An animated documentary that tells the story of people who are forced out of their homes and into the hands of human traffickers who drag them on a journey
through hostile environments and cynical bureaucracies. The film is about Amin who came to Denmark by himself at the age of 16 after being on the run for five years. Today, he is 35 years old, gay and finishing his PhD. He is planning to get married to his Danish partner, who would like to move to the country, but Amin is not ready. First he has to come to terms with his past and tell his real story.

For Somebody Else

Director Sven Blume Producer Margarete Jangård Production Company WG Film AB Country Sweden

We follow four women on an emotional and thought-provoking journey as they borrow their bodies and carry someone else’s children. They invite us in, sharing their expectations and experiences with us; before, during and after pregnancies as surrogate mothers.

Hockey Dreams

Director Janne Niskala, Oskari Pastila Producer Janne Niskala, Oskari Pastila Production Company Emerald Gate Industries LTD, Vaski Filmi LTD Country Finland

The joy of being selected to host the Winter Olympics quickly turns into fear in Korea. How can you create an ice hockey team that does not embarrass the whole nation when you have only four years time and 100 players to choose from to survive against hockey powerhouses such as Canada with a pool of 100.000 players?

Into the Bank

Director Eva Hillström, Oscar Hedin Producer Marina-Evelina Cracana Production Company Film and Tell AB Country Sweden

At the age of 19, Sasja Beslik flees the civil war in his home country, Bosnia, and arrives in Sweden with only two t-shirts in a plastic bag. Decades later, he becomes a banker, a man of power with a key role in one of the biggest European banks, Nordea, which in the past years was heavily involved in an international financial scandal. As Head of Sustainable investments at Nordea, Sasja begins an investigation against companies that are suspected of severe pollution and human rights violations. The start is effective and rewarding, but after his promotion, Sasja faces more and more compromises. Will he manage to change the bank or will the bank change him?

The Painter and the Thief

Director Benjamin Ree Producer Ingvil Giske Production Company Medieoperatørene Country Norway

When two paintings are stolen from Czech artist Barbora ‘Barbar’ Kysilkova the police catches the thiefs after a few days. But the paintings are never found. Barbora attends the court case hoping to find clues for where they can be, and because she does not speak Norwegian, she records everything for it to be translated at a later stage. In the sound files we can hear her walking over to one of the thiefs to present herself. Then she asks the frank question: – I wondered if I could paint you? Thief and drug addict Karl-Bertil Nordland answers without hesitation: – That’s possible.