Closed Market Screenings 2018

Introducing brand new films to people who can get them out into the world.

Brand new Nordic shorts and documentaries, yet to premiere internationally, will be screened in programmed slots Friday through Tuesday during Nordisk Panorama. Curated in cooperation with the Nordic film institutes. Access only for selected market guests.


Saturday 22 September

14:30 DOC
Patrimonium, Carl Olsson (Denmark)

16:15 DOC
Reconstructing Utøya, Carl Javér (Sweden)


Sunday 23 September

10:00 SHORT 1
The Infection, Patrik Eklund (Sweden)
Islandia, Eydís Eir Björnsdóttir (Iceland)
Fingerling, Reetta Aalto (Finland)
The Legacy #3: The Stonesmason, Mari Nilsen Neira (Norway)

11:15 SHORT 2
A Better Time, Tommy Oksen (Denmark)
The Bear, Johannes Stjärne Nilsson (Sweden)
Virgins4Lyfe, Thea Hvistendahl (Norway)

12:30 DOC
Never Again, Aino Suni (Finland)


Monday 24 September

10:00 SHORT 1
Show Me Your Original Face Before Your Mother and Father Were Born, Lilja Ingolfsdottir (Norway)
Super Comfort, Kirsikka Saari (Finland)
Miss Iceland, Hannes Thor Arason (Iceland)
Quiet, Marianne Bundgaard Nielsen (Norway)

11:15 SHORT 2
Venice, Jenni Tuli (Finland)
Project Baby, Johannes Pico Geerdsen (Denmark)
Happily Never After, Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir (Iceland)
The Eyes of a War, Jouko Aaltonen & Seppo Rustanius (Finland)

16:00 DOC
War of Art, Tommy Gulliksen (Norway)


Tuesday 25 September

12:30 DOC
Dive: Rituals in Water (working title), Elín Hansdóttir (Iceland)