Nordisk Panorama Forum Moderators


Mikael Opstrup
Doc Developer


Mikael Opstrup

A specialist in project development, trailer consultancy, co-productions, workshop planning & tutoring. As Head of Studies at European Documentary Network I created and edited EDNs Co-production Guide.

I’ve worked as expert, tutor or moderator for Nordisk Panorama, IDFA, Institute of Documentary Film, Baltic Sea Docs, Docs Barcelona, In Docs, Hot Docs, Dox Box a.o.

Developed and headed workshops for Nordoc, Findoc, Ice & Fire Docs a.o.

Produced international documentaries for a couple of decades, latest as co-owner of Final Cut Productions in Copenhagen.

Production Adviser at The Danish Film Institute for 4 years. Attended script writing at the Danish Film School.

Gitte Hansen
Independent Consultant, Tutor and Mentor


Gitte is an independent consultant, tutor and mentor in the international documentary film sector, with experience in developing, financing, production and distributing documentary projects with international potential.

Gitte has executive produced more than 20 international independent documentaries for First Hand Films in Zürich, where she was deputy director and headed sales and acquisitions for many years.

She is serving at national, regional and international workshops and film training schemes. Her experience includes work with filmmakers at project-driven programs such as CinéDoc-Tbilisi, IDFAcademy, DocCampus Master School, Baltic Sea Forum, Crossing Borders and Thessaloniki Doc. Gitte is mentor for the training Program Close-Up.

Gitte holds a Master of Film & Rhetoric from the University of Copenhagen.