Forum Projects 2022

Projects Selected for Pitch



Breaker follows the lives of three young professional dancers whose greatest passion, breakdancing, is seen as little more than a hobby by those around them. Despite their dedication and passion for the dance, they face adversity from their surroundings even as they train for the 2024 Olympics, when their discipline will finally be represented on equal footing with established sports.

by Anita Mathal Hopland / Elk Film ApS, Kasper Lykke Schultz

I Belong to Nowhere

I Belong to Nowhere is a film about loneliness and the growing feeling of not belonging to anywhere. Set in modern Tokyo, the film centers around the mental health hotline called ”A Place for You”, started by 21-year old Koki who himself struggles with his mental health. No matter the personal costs, Koki is determined to break the cycle of loneliness and high suicide rates in Japan.

by Kaspar Astrup Schröder / Good Company Pictures, Maria Helga Stürup


In the largely unregulated wild west of modern tech, where the world’s most powerful tech companies often follow their own rules, Denmark’s newly appointed Tech Ambassador, 33-year-old Anne Marie Engtoft Larsen, has a plan for change. With a global mandate, an iron will, and a genuine concern for our future, she demands that tech companies take responsibility now.

by Susanne Kovács / Good Company Pictures, Sidsel Lønvig Siersted

The Tingbjerg Experiment

All over Europe social conflict is rising in the “ghettos”. In Denmark a controversial law has led to a huge social experiment. In the “hard ghetto” of Tingbjerg hundreds of houses are built and sold below market price to people handpicked based on their ethnic Danish background, economy and education. Will this be a new way to create better integration or just a new kind of colonization

by Louise Detlefsen / Hansen & Pedersen, Malene Flindt Pedersen

Wildcard Denmark / Shadows

Shadows is a feature documentary about a woman’s journey to overcome the trauma of a forced marriage full of violence and betrayal. A deeply personal story told partly by the main character herself related both to the past decade’s refugee crisis and middle eastern culture, but also a very universal story of a human trying to navigate herself out of the shadows cast by traumatic experiences.

by Daro Hansen and Thomas Papapetros / GotFat Productions, Thor Hampus Bank


Clout Chaser – like, follow and love me

Atte (20) has gotten the attention of 40k followers online by branding himself as the funny and laid-back “party-guy”, whose life revolves around intoxicants. One morning he wakes up in pre-trial detention and starts to question his need for admiration and the cost of online stardom. At the same time Jonsu (18), Atte’s friend and follower is taking her first steps towards a life without him.

by Krista Moisio and Anna-Maija Heinonen / Polygraf, Oskar Forstén

In a Box

Glass walls, a spray bottle, and bright led light create a small world. As the mass extinction is sweeping the planet, researchers and private citizens are building artificial environments for endangered frogs, fishes and reptiles: these boxes are the Noah’s Ark of today. While humans are doing all the work, these chosen animals are enjoying the good life away from the struggles of wilderness.

by Liinu Grönlund and Okku Nuutilainen / Tuffi Films, Juha Löppönen

Last Carriage

Three men tell her their gradually entwining life stories which come together, in a real-life thriller narrative, at a moment where all human morals crumble: the moment of torture.
We call our three characters The Victim, The Witness and The Perpetrator. They all have escaped the reality of Chechnya led by authoritarian ruler Ramzan Kadyrov.

by Inka Achté / Napafilms, Marianne Mäkelä

Like Father Like Son

“Like Father Like Son” opens a portrait like door to a relationship of a father and a son where a small home is the epicentre of everything. A home where a moped is being repaired as well as your teeth are being brushed. Their relationship is in turns seeking for closeness, understanding and acceptance, while a 15 year old boy steps closer to adolescence and adulthood.

by Jukka Kärkkäinen / Mouka Filmi, Juha Löppönen

Wildcard Finland / Regina

Regina is a young feminist wrestler, who fights men to become an international star.

by Panu Suuronen / Mediawan Finland Vera Olsson



Ruth grew up in a small settlement on Greenland’s magnificent east coast, but has spent almost half her life in prison. Nina is a career-minded film producer from Nuuk, and during a documentary project in prison she becomes entangled in Ruth’s fate. Through the film’s process and her friendship with Nina, can Ruth change her own future? Or will the past define her destiny forever?
by Nina Paninnguaq S. Kristiansen and Sofie Rørdam / Anorak Film I/S, Emile Hertling Péronard


Storm Alerts

Storm Alerts is a docudrama that focuses on Marteinn, a PhD in Old Norse literature, in his dream job at the University of Copenhagen. Suddenly he finds himself at a crossroads in his academic life. A storm is brewing and he senses the enormous change that’s coming. A doorway to another dimension is flung open and he’s faced with a choice. To ignore the call or answer it?
by Bergur Bernburg  / Firnindi, Magnús Árni Skúlason


Kyiv Soloist

On February 23, the Kyiv Soloists travelled to perform in Italy. The twelve Ukrainian musicians packed their cellos, violins and light spring clothes for a couple of weeks outside their native country. The next day they woke up to the news that Russia had invaded their homeland. They decide to tour Europe until the war ends.
by Trond Kvig Andreassen  / Indie Film, Carsten Aanonsen and Karianne Berge

Mina and the Radio Bandits

Mina used to be Norway’s biggest radio-star. Now she’s the founder and godmother of the Bandit-Radio. Inside prison she makes radio with the inmates as the journalists.
And the shows are aired on the national broadcaster NRK every week. For the inmates Mina is a lot more than just their Radio-boss. She’s the one cheering them on – and they turn to her – especially when life gets hard.
by Kari Anne Moe / Fuglene, Gudmundur Gunnarsson

North South Man Woman

Intimately following the ups and downs of a refugee North Korean matchmaker and her Southern clients, North South Man Woman playfully examines the twin concepts of love and war while navigating an intricate and precarious environment of social conventions, mutual prejudice, secrecy, cultural differences and geopolitical tensions.
by Morten Traavik / Storm Films, Verona Meier

Wildcard Norway / In Cod We Trust

In Cod We Trust is an odyssey to the core of Båtsfjord – Norways Biggest fishing village. And the people here who through the ages have been living at the mercy of the Arctic weather, the free market and most importantly – FISH
by Guro Saniola Bjerk / Lofoten Film Collective, Yngvar Christensen


Fashion Slaves

Fashion Slaves/Bangla Dreams is a documentary about three young women in the slum of Dhaka, who all work for the textile industry in Bangladesh. With hopes and dreams of a better future, the young women face a hard and cruel world. Still, dreams can take you far.
by Masud Akhond and Nicklas Karpaty/ Mantaray Film, Maryam Ebrahimi


G portrays the everyday life of Loran and his friends in the “no-go-zone” Gottsunda. Loran is an aspiring filmmaker striving to move away and start his career but he is hesitant to leave his childhood friends, the only people that truly understand him. As the film progresses Loran and his friends grow further apart. They are active criminals while Loran has chosen another path for himself.
by Loran Batti / Story, Melissa Lindgren and Göran Hugo Olsson

The Andersson Brothers

An intimate and brutally honest portrait of the celebrated director Roy Andersson and his three brothers, Ronny, Kjell and Leif. Their relation is fractured, they all drink too much and they haven’t actually met since the funeral of Ronny, who died of drug abuse in 2012. Leif’s daughter, the filmmaker Johanna Bernhardson, is determined to bring them together one last time, before it’s too late.
by Johanna Bernhardson / Cinenic Film, Erika Malmgren and Annika Hellström

The Dialogue Police

Their defence of the freedom
 of speech exposes the dialogue police officers to threats and hatred. Even internally they are accused of being Nazis, islamophobes, antisemites, treehuggers and antifa-supporters. Yet, in reality, they have to put their own values to the side. Are they an integral vanguard protecting a vibrant democracy, or useful idiots preserving the status quo?
by Susann Edwards / Susanna Edwards AB

Wildcard Sweden / A Sweetness From Nowhere

The oldest way to stay alive is to play dead. It’s something we share with the jellyfish and it is something I experienced once when I was beaten down on the street – I became completely paralyzed and started thinking about pastries. A sweetness from nowhere is a post-apocalyptic drama sprung out of a personal essay on healing from a trauma where the doom – instead of being the absolute end – can be a place of openings and beginnings to other ways of existing in the world.
by Ester Martin Bergsmark / Garagefilm International, Anna -Maria Kantarius


War on Women

UNDISCLOSED PROJECT – more information upon request.
by Maris Salumets / Allfilm


Big Oil vs The Law

This film dives into five climate cases. Each case has the potential to set a legal precedent and change the course of history. And behind each case is an ordinary person, whose life has been blighted by climate change. Each one of them has weighed up the risk of ever-increasing natural catastrophes versus the risk of challenging one of the most powerful industries in the world… and chosen to sue.
by Mette Reitzel / Inselfilm produktion, Gregor Streiber

Projects Selected for Observer+


Dead Sun of Russia

Many young Russians dream of a life outside of Russia’s border. Outside, life is easier, the weather is better, personal freedom is greater and there is no reason to fear political retaliation.
Dead Sun of Russia portrays the Russian youth, who position themselves in opposition to those in power, but who are not necessarily politically active.
by Sybilla Marie Tuxen / Tambo Film, Rikke Tambo Andersen

Girls Demand Action

Girls Demand Action is an inspiring series about young female activists, who are changing the world with powerful and attention grabbing activism. They’re confident and colorful and won’t be told what to do by the patriarchy. They’re creating an unstoppable global movement on social media, fighting for issues close to their hearts, be it climate justice or the right to decide over their own bodies.
by Laura Hancock / Good Company Pictures, Patricia Drati

Only on Earth

Only on Earth takes place under a sweltering sun in Galicia which stretches across what is likely Europe’s hottest fire zone. Here, in the mountains, live some of Europe’s last remaining wild horses: the small, tough garranos, who help keep fire risk in check by eating everything that can burn. But their numbers are becoming fewer and fewer – and thereby the risk of more fires – is getting bigger.
by Robin Petré / Hansen & Pedersen, Malene Flindt Pedersen

Tales From Christiania

In ‘71 an alternative society arose in the middle of Copenhagen, a place to test and accommodate new lifestyle ideas. No one thought the experiment would last. 50 years later it’s still here. This place is also the reason the parents of the director meet. Tales from Christiana investigates what happens when you create a place, made to tolerate all people and ideas, the beauty, and challenges of that.
by Karl Friis Forchhammer / Tambo Film, Rikke Tambo Andersen


Burn The Ginger

Australian immigrant becomes a protégé of the elites in the World’s Happiest Country. He is sent to promote Finnish Education system abroad, but falls through the cracks of the Nordic welfare system after a tragic accident. In the film’s backstory two polar opposites of global citizens are fleeing either war or reality into temporary desert cities – becoming displaced just like the main character.
by Oskari Pastila / Emerald Gate Industries

Do No Harm

Oksana, a 29 year old ukrainian doctor is living in Finland when the war breaks out. Oksana decides to do something. She participates on one of the rescue operations and travels to the Ukrainian border. Oksana finds friends and together with one, Jetta, they start to plan a trip to Ukraine. Oksana is hesitating since once she returns to Ukraine she might not be able to leave because she is a doctor.
by Satu Majava / Kolmas Näytös

Finnish Bears

Finnish Bears is a feature length documentary that tells the story of the Finnish national cricket team. The film follows the national team manager and the team players towards the World Championship qualifier tournament, which will be held in Finland in 2022. Finland
is one of the worst cricket teams in the world, but the team has an ambitious goal nevertheless: to win a qualifying tournament.
by Otso Alanko / Kameron, Juho Harjula

The Last Chapter

Three immigrants who have spent most of their adult lives out of their countries of birth, are now retired and facing tough decisions about the last chapter of their lives. One has returned back to his country of origin, one can’t return because he’s a refugee, and the third one is hesitating, and trying at least to convince his Finnish family to get him buried in Uganda.
by Mohamed El Aboudi / Icebreaker Productions, Kirsi Mattila



A young couple tries to make a living out of fishing cod around the coast of Iceland. It is a risky business, even though it’s one the oldest industries in Iceland. The couple faces both the struggles and hopefully the fruit of their labor shared with their colleagues, the last few fishermen that are treading the same uncertain path.
by Rut Sigurdardottir / Biobugi


Baghdad On Fire

With intimate access to Tiba and her friends we join young Iraqi women and men who side by side are fighting for democracy in Iraq. Tiba’s life is changing dramatically while she is taking part in the biggest youth movement in Iraq history. We follow the Tiba and the democracy movement from 2019 to 2022.
by Karrar Al-AzzawiIntegral Film, Jørgen Lorentzen

Pet Farm

Dark forces corrupts Joakims mind when his fox tribe is to be euthanized by the authorities. In the battle to defend his foxes, Joakim loses his footing and ends up in a spiral deep into an abyss of conspiracy theories and hatred. “Pet Farm” is a complex and unique contemporary story, where we follow one man’s journey into total exclusion, in battle with inner and outer demons.
by Martin Aune Walther / Walther Bros

Piraya 2020-1

After communism fell, Russia became capitalism’s ultimate virgin territory and a competition-free pure gold for companies like IKEA. And it seemed a perfect win-win: the Russians loved IKEA. But in its rush to cover Russia with a network of its super malls, IKEA made what at first looked like a small mistake.
by Andrei Nekrasov / Piraya Film, Torstein Grude

The Other Side

“The Other Side” is a documentary about social, ideological and political struggles in Norway. We meet different characters who in one way or another are significant voices in the public debate around immigration and integration.
by Fabien Greenberg / Antipode Films, Bård Kjøge Rønning

The Wind

When Nils Anders (21) takes over his father’s reindeer herd, he also dreams of a family of his own. But the Norwegian government allows the building of 72 giant wind turbines in the middle of the reindeer’s migration route. This could be the end of reindeer husbandry in their district. Nils Anders and his colleagues will do everything in their power to get the wind turbines down from the mountain.
by Guri Oppegård / Relation04 Media, Karl Emil Rikardsen


Between Worlds

Melissa is a force for good in her troubled suburb with an Assyrian Christian Orthodox family. When trying to get elected to the city council and receiving an ultimatum from her girlfriend – Let’s move in together, or I’m out – she can no longer hide that she is gay. Between worlds follows Melissa’s desperate struggle to stay true to her calling, shield her family from ruin, and save the love of her life.
by Zara Arrehed / House of Real, Anna J. Ljungmark

Hamid Noury – Trapped by Death Row Survivors

Thirty years ago a political prisoner escaped from Hamid Noury. Thirty years later he lured him into a trap. Today Noury stands in a Swedish court – in front of over 100 Iranian witnesses and in front of the whole world – to answer for the extrajudicial murders of over 4000 prisoners in Iran in July and August 1988.
by Nima Sarvestani / Nima Film, Mónica Hernández Rejón


The mythical Sigurd Lewerentz did not want to be filmed or interviewed, but in a basement in southern Sweden lays a previously unknown treasure. Boxes with never before published audiotapes and 16mm film reels. This unique archive introduces us to a new side of the globally-renowned and fabled architect.
by Sven Blume / Laika Film & Television, William Johansson Kalén

The Confession of a Swedish Man

Filmmaker and feminist Hampus Linder takes part in an anti-feminist men’s camp. He participates in rituals and exercises that strive to create the “complete man” – where, among other things, male aggression should not be “shamed” as toxic but instead directed constructively. Hampus is not very comfortable but decides to participate and observe without judging.
by Hampus LinderNordic Factory Film & TV Sweden, Helene Granqvist

The King

A story about Carl XVI Gustaf who became the world’s youngest king. The father dies when the crown prince is only nine months old and he grows up with an obligation from which he cannot escape. In the course of two years, I get to interview him. The film consists of our meetings, intermixed with scenes from the spectacle that surrounds him.
by Karin af Klintberg / Af Nexiko, Stina Gardell

The Meteorite

In 2021 an extremely strong light phenomenon was seen all over Scandinavia. People got really scared. Was it nuclear war? A plane crash? It was a meteorite. Seekers from all over the world started to hunt it in forests owned by a space interested Swedish Count. When it was found by two geologists they were really happy. 1 million dollars! Until the Count decided he wanted to own it.
by Isabel Andersson and Johan Palmgren / Vindelfilm, Johan Palmgren



“Biodestructors” follows the continuous fight between microfungi and humans. While restorers are trying to save art and historical artifacts, biodestructors relentlessly eat away their matter and stories. Can this struggle against time and death ever succeed? This film will invite us on a cinematic journey where life begins after decay and nothing ever ends.
by Aistė Žegulytė / Studio Uljana Kim, Uljana Kim


The Window in Stockholm

In 1939, the still unknown Astrid Lindgren starts a diary. She works for the Swedish secret service. Her privileged view of the Second World War from a “neutral” country causes her to experience conflicts of conscience. Her marriage is in crisis. Writing keeps her grounded. When she finishes her diary in 1945, her book about the rebellious Pippi Longstocking is published, and makes her famous.
by Wilfried Hauke / IDA Film & TV Produktion, Wilfried Hauke