The Eastern European Delegation

 Sun-Tues 18-20 Sept 2016

This year we’re happy to welcome an Eastern European delegation from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania arranged in co-operation with Institute of Documentary Film.

Every year, Nordisk Panorama Forum welcomes a small delegation of producers from a designated guest territory to facilitate connections outside the Nordic countries.

Most importantly the delegation producers will participate in the event Producers Meet Producers, where they will meet their Nordic colleagues, present themselves, network and outline their production landscape. They will also learn more about how to co-produce with the Nordic countries.

The delegation will be invited to apply for pitching and meetings on the same terms as their Nordic colleagues. A maximum of 2 foreign delegation projects can be selected for pitching. Based on their project application, they also have the possibility of being selected as observer+ (observer with access to pre-booked meetings).

The main part of the delegation members will participate in Nordisk Panorama Forum as observers for the public pitch. As observers they are welcome to approach decision-makers for meetings on the spot, if decision-makers have an available slot in their meeting schedule.

Furthermore Nordisk Panorama Forum will welcome a number of commissioning editors and sales agents from the guest territory to the pitching and meeting tables.

Members of the delegation

Vratislav Šlajer Bionaut Czech Republic
Tereza Zemanova Bionaut Czech Republic
David Čálek David Čálek Czech Republic
Martin Jůza KRUTART Audiovisual Production Czech Republic
Dagmar Sedlackova MasterFilm Czech Republic
Pavel Strnad Negativ Czech Republic
Radovan Síbrt PINK Czech Republic
Marek Novák Xova Film Czech Republic
Krisztina Meggyes Match Frame Productions Hungary
Noemi Veronika Szakonyi Match Frame Productions Hungary
Laszlo Jozsa Speak Easy Project Hungary
Zuzana Mistríková PubRes Slovakia
Lubica Orechovska PubRes Slovakia
Hanka Kastelicová HBO Europe Hungary
Ivana Pauerova Milosevic CT – Ceska Televize Czech Republic
Anna Kaslová Institute of Documentary Film Czech Republic