Holiday Wishes on the Shortest Day of the Year

Dear Friends,

As we draw close to the holidays, family and relationships are explored, serving up lots of great moments of entertainment, awkward conversations, misunderstandings, love and tenderness. A short film compilation from our great Nordic archive shines a light on just this and isn’t to be missed. So enjoy some fantastic short films on this shortest day of the year!
And if you live in Malmö or nearby, don’t miss the programme screening at The Cowgirl Gallery tonight, on 21 December at 19.00. More info

Happy Holidays!
The Nordisk Panorama Team

Small Talk


21 min, Norway, 2015.

Welcome to the Dvergsnes family. In this trilogy of short films we follow the Dvergsnes family from Kristiansand through three events during the autumn and winter of 2014.

Director: Even Hafnor 
Producer: Jon Puntervold  
Production Co: J.M. Puntervold Filmproduksjon,  

The Guest

8 min, Denmark, 2010.

Elsa, old and lonely, is marking her late husband’s birthday when a burglar breaks in. Elsa makes a decision that changes both their lives.

Director: Henrik Malmgren 
Producer: Michelle Nardone 
Production Co: The Animation Workshop

Make A Wish (Önskedrömmar)

13 min, Sweden 2015.

Anita and Gunnar live a slow and steady retired life. But when Anita makes a wish to be visited by a young and virile show host from TV, the couple is suddenly faced with a new perspective on their slow everyday life. A comedy about life as a pensioner, about dreams – and what happens when you get too much of a good thing.

Director: Jonatan Etzler 
Producer: Eliza Jones & Markus Waltå 
Production Co: Grand Slam Filmproduktion AB

Ski-fishing (Pilkkihiihto)

11 min, Finland, 2018.

Two brothers, Erkki and Veli, battle each other in a ski-fishing competition. Erkki’s coach is a old ski-fishing champion called the Master. The brothers are also competing for the heart of a woman they both love.

Director: Teemu Nikki 
Producer: Jani Pösö 
Production Co: It’s Alive Films Oy


Anna and the Moods (Anna og skapsveiflurnar)

27 min, Iceland, 2007.

There once was a girl named Anna Young. She was the perfect child. One day, Anna woke up with a horrible illness. She looked like a sad version of Marilyn Manson and was terribly moody. Her parents took her to Dr. Artmanns’ clinic for unruly children for tests. The result was shocking.

Director: Gunnar Karlsson 
Producer: Hilmar Sigurðsson 
Production Co: Caoz Ltd

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