Hypermoon by Mia Engberg.

2023 Full Programme Release: Turning Torso séance, Masterclass with Sari Volanen and more! 

We just can’t hold it in any longer! Today we finally release the full 2023 programme, including all of the special events that we have been waiting to fill you in on. Scroll for a quick overview of this year’s not-to-be-missed events, and visit our website or browse through our festival catalogue to see our programme in its entirety.

The 34th edition will take place in Malmö from 21–26 September. If you haven’t already, be sure to secure your accreditation. Industry guests will be able to reserve their tickets from 7 September.

Turning Torso Séance & Performance

It’s our 10th consecutive year in Malmö. An event which calls for a celebration, and what a celebration we have planned! Join us at the top of the tallest building in Scandinavia: the magnificent Turning Torso, for an unforgettable and once-in-a-lifetime audio-visual experience. On the 54th floor, 190m above ground, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of the Öresund as the sun sets. But perhaps even more unique is the glimpse into the Netherworld which artists Johan Tingne and Johan Frick will be offering as they attempt to conjure up the gods “Lucifox” and “Mousifer”.

Saturday 23/9 18.30, 20.00 & 21.15 Turning Torso
Purchase of ticket required for accredited guests and non-accredited guests.

Masterclass with Sari Volanen

Let’s take a journey through time with Sari Volanen, a commissioning editor at Yle (Finnish Broadcasting company). In her masterclass, Sari Volanen will (re)visit trends and tendencies throughout the last five decades, investigate the strength and perseverance of the short film community, and provide insight into what commissioners were and are looking for.

Sunday 24/9 10.00 Scandic Triangeln

Photo by Saana Volanen.

Town Hall: Who Needs Original Thinking?

Image collage by Anela Saracevic.

Once again we get together to ask ourselves the hard-hitting questions about where we are and how we are doing – as an art form, as an industry and as a community. Join us at Scandic Triangeln on the festival Sunday, 24 September, for an open dialogue on whether or not, in a world with AI technologies blazing away, there really is anything new to be said.

Sunday 24/9 18.00 Scandic Triangeln │ Moderator: Karolina Lidin / Nordisk Film & TV Fond

The Home Game & Football Match

The Home Game by Smári Gunnarsson & Logi Sigursveinsson.

If you’ve been lurking on our Instagram page over the summer, you might have seen us tease a football match.

Well, in celebration of the international premiere of The Home Game on 23 September, the very first Nordisk Panorama football team will take to the field and give it their all against the Malmö Pub League team Lokomotiv Wärldshuset.

We’re putting together a stellar team of staff, industry guests and, wait for it, some of the stars and crew responsible for getting The Home Game to our cinema screen. Are you a football and film fan? We have a few spots waiting to be filled, and anyone is welcome to join. Or be a true Nordisk Panorama fan and cheer us on from the sidelines.

The Home Game screening: Saturday 23/9 13.00 Cinema Panora

The Festival’s First Nordic Dance-Off

Photo: Hulki Okay Tabak.

Release the Nordic rhythms at the Nordic dance-off extravaganza at our After Party on 26 September. Gather your team, choreograph your signature dance, and let the world witness your culture through movement. This isn’t just a dance-off; it’s a celebration of Nordic unity and creativity. Whatever country you find yourself living in can be your home team for this dance off. There might even be a fabulous trophy involved… Lace up for the fiercest dance battle ever, representing your frosty moves.

Filmarträff with Mia Engberg

Guests are invited to our Festival Centre right before the highly-anticipated screening of Mia Engberg’s Hypermoon for an intimate chat with the filmmaker herself. Grab a drink, mix and mingle with other industry professionals, and then head off to the Malmö premiere of Engberg’s latest film.

The event has limited seating.
Filmarträff: Friday 22/9 17.00 Panora Foyer
Hypermoon screening: Friday 22/9 20.30 Cinema Panora

30 Seconds to the Top

Think you could pitch your idea in 30 seconds? This year, we’re sending selected projects and decision makers on 30-second elevator rides up Scandic Triangeln for a round of literal elevator pitches. See our take on it.

If you have a story in an early script stage or just an outline, you can read more about how to apply for the elevator pitch here.

Arranged in partnership with Scandic Triangeln.

Monday 25/9 13.00 Scandic Triangeln

I Got Words and Speech Karaoke at Babel

I Got Words by Runar Gudnason.

Keep that post-film buzz going. Head to Babel for the 19.00 screening of I Got Words, followed by some riveting Speech Karaoke.

Hear us out: If Runar Gudnason’s rap documentary doesn’t inspire you to grab the mic yourself and drop some bars – we doubt anything ever will. Whether it’s a powerful political manifesto or a tear-jerking excerpt from your favourite film that you’ve got brewing inside you, let it all out on stage.

In collaboration with Doc Lounge Malmö.

Monday 25/9 19.00 Film, 20.45 Speech Karaoke

To the Edge of Art and AI

Head to Scandic Triangeln on the festival Sunday, 24 September, for a panel discussion about the ever-present elephant in the room: AI.

Film directors Tonje Hessen Schei (Praying for Armageddon, iHuman ao), Simon Klose (Hacking Hate WIP, TPB AFK ao), and film editor Denniz Göl Bertelsen (Kandis for Life, The Cave ao), will be addressing the possibilities and the limitations of these new technologies, and their potentially unavoidable implications on storytelling.

Sunday 24/9 16.00 Scandic Triangeln | Moderator: Cecilia Lidin

AI-generated by Nordisk Panorama.

SFI Filmrummet: Praised Abroad – Forgotten At Home?

And the King Said, What a Fantastic Machine by Axel Danielson & Maximilien Van Aertryck.

Nordic documentaries have seen major successes on the international festival circuit – but what happens after that? The Swedish Film Institute invites you to an exploratory panel discussion about new approaches that can help ensure more documentaries reach a larger audience.

Monday 25/9 16.45 Scandic Triangeln

Telling Stories, Creating Futures

Image collage by Anela Saracevic.

Recently we have seen a move of indigenous filmmakers and filmmaking out of the margins. On the Saturday of the festival, 23 September, you are welcome to a seminar on the implications of this development, and how indigenous filmmakers have been working together across national borders.

Arranged in collaboration with the Arctic Indigenous Film Fund.

Saturday 23/9 15.00 Scandic Triangeln | Moderator: Liisa Holmberg / Arctic Indigenous Film Fund

Arctic Chills

Venture to the Earth’s Far North with three bone-chilling stories from our festival programme. In this short film package, three Indigenous filmmakers present mythical, complex and terrifying beings, bringing audiences into the ice-cold landscapes on the edges of survival. Do you dare?

Imajuik by Marc Fussing Rosbach.

Festival Bar & Festival Centre

Want to be where the people are?
Spend your days at the heart of Nordisk Panorama Film Festival in our Festival Centre at Panora Foyer. Relax between screenings, grab a coffee, visit our info desk, or listen to talks. Panora Foyer will host many more pop-up events during the festival, so follow us on Instagram to stay up-to-date with the week’s happenings.

At night, you can find your favourite filmmakers from the programme lingering over cocktails and tunes at this year’s official festival bar Brogatan. Come for drinks, dancing and the chance to mingle with the festival’s guests all night long.

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