We Stand with Ukraine


We staunchly condemn Russia’s war of aggression, which violates international law, and express our solidarity with the people in Ukraine and all those who are campaigning against this war.

As a festival we see ourselves as a place for intercultural encounters and a platform for critical discussion of current or historical world events. Art and culture are key elements of democratic societies, and film festivals are places where artists can showcase their work and enter into dialogue. It is only in open, creative spaces for reflection that (film) culture can continue to develop.

We believe in freedom of press and freedom of choice, and that free art and culture are cornerstones of democracy.

Even in face of the criminal Russian war of aggression, therefore, it cannot be the intention to exclude filmmakers or cultural workers on the basis of their nationality, or to isolate them. All too often, it is precisely their works that convey criticism of the respective regimes. Consequently, Nordisk Panorama takes a clear stand against a general boycott of cultural works on the basis of their origin, as this would also suppress many critical voices. And the world needs those critical voices. We are therefore not proponents of boycotting individual artists, who make a living through their artistic work independently of the Russian state, and as long as the artist is not actively representing the Russian regime.

However, we have decided to cut of all cooperation – both artistic and financial – with state funded Russian art and culture institutions temporarily. We do not wish to give the Russian regime an opportunity to legitimize their illegal actions through art and culture. When boycotting (by cancellation or expulsion) we must always assess whether the boycott affects the Russian regime, aka the responsible party behind the invasion of a free and independent nation, breaking international law.

The Russian invasion and attacks on civilian targets such as hospitals, schools and homes have caused a humanitarian and human rights catastrophe in Ukraine. Our thoughts and sympathy are with the victims, the suffering population, and the millions who have fled Ukraine.