2016 Film Festival in Review

16-21 September, Malmö, Sweden

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“Nordisk Panorama Film Festival 2016 has been a major success.
Malmö has really been a melting pot of short and documentary filmmakers and fans, and the festival has reached audiences both young and old, new and recurring.

We have screened the best new Nordic Short and Documentary films telling stories about everything from core family relations to suicide bombers. The film festival has arranged thought provoking and captivating events taking place in couches and on bicycles, screened films on Malmö city facades by night and provided avant-garde tech experiences in an orange container. We have hosted a Knit-a-long Cinema event, given fruitful rides in rickshaws, arranged a Safari boat ride along the Malmö canals to a museum screening and accommodated a swimming pool movie night. In addition to this we have also done our uttermost to provide a unique platform for Nordic collaboration and exchange of experiences within filmmaking.

This year it feels like we continued our success when it comes to attracting and inviting the Malmö audience, something that is of vital importance to us. We love Malmö, and we cannot wait until we get to invite everyone to Nordisk Panorama Film Festival again next year.”



Best Nordic Documentary

(Sponsored by the Nordic public broadcasters DR, YLE, RUV, NRK and SVT)

Don Juan [Sweden/Finland]
Director: Jerzy Sladkowski

For its dedication to “pure cinema”, for its honesty and visual beauty a unanimous jury give this award to “Don Juan”. This deeply moving love story was placed on our doorsteps with such a sensitive gaze and care with characters who were compelling and authentic although with rough edges. We all should hope to meet and/or have a Tania in our life. We loved it!

Jury: Grit Lemke, DOK Leipzig [Germany], Chris Hastings, World Channel [USA], Camilla Nielsson, Winner of Best Nordic Documentary Award 2015 [Denmark].

Honourable Mention

Brothers [Norway]
Director:Aslaug Holm

For this insightful and beautiful look of a modern family and of brothers that is coming of age, we offer an honorable mention to “Brothers”.

Best Nordic Short Film

(Sponsored by he Nordic directors’ associations Danish Film Directors, Directors Guild of Finland, Guild of Icelandic Film Directors, Norwegian Film Makers Association and Swedish Film Directors.)

Forgotten Reason [Sweden]
Director: Peter Larsson

A hypnotic journey into the darkest of forests. Within an atmosphere of ambiguity, the phantasmagoric suggestion of figures, faces and ominous sound, in interaction with the landscape, invokes a space for immersive personal interpretation. An unforgettable nightmare.

Jury: Lydia Beilby, Edinburgh International Film Festival [UK], Eva Schweizer, SRF [Switzerland], Einar Baldvin, Winner of the Best Nordic Short Film Award 2015 [Iceland].

Honourable Mention

Dilapidated [Norway]
Director:Ole Sebastian Kåss

A skilfully crafted and expertly acted drama, “Dilapidated“ boasts iconic images and distinct characters. The jury was particularly impressed with the visceral and nuanced representation of the tangled web of troubled family relationships.

Best New Nordic Voice

(Sponsored by regional film centres)

Front View of my Father [Denmark]
Director: Nicoline Skotte Jacobsen

The award for Best New Nordic Voice goes to a distinct artistic voice which, interestingly, creates a very intimate and tender atmosphere through a staged setting. This methodology adds an honesty to the project, which maybe feels more real than a conventional realistic approach. With a subtle playful seriousity the director approaches a subject of lost and longing for intimacy in a brave and innovative manner. The jury is happy to see a father-daughter relationship in focus, something we seldom see in film. We award a film that draws on performance tradition and process based film, but moves it forward. The winner leaves the jury with tears in our eyes and makes us want to call our fathers – the winner of Best New Nordic Voice is “Front View of My Father”.

Jury: Birgitte Weinberger, Odense Film Festival [Denmark], Oscar Eriksson, Folkets Bio [Sweden], Ane Hjort Guttu, New Nordic Voice Special Mention 2015 [Norway].

Nordisk Panorama Audience Award

(Sponsored by the City of Malmö)

Yarn [Iceland/Poland]
Directors: Thordur JonssonHeather Millard & Una Lorenzen

Children’s Choice Award

(Sponsored by Nordisk Panorama)

Ruth [Iceland/Poland]
Director: Hanna Heilborn


Best Nordic Documentary

Becoming ZlatanFredrik Gertten & Magnus Gertten
BrothersAslaug Holm
BugsAndreas Johnsen
Diving into the UnkownJuan Reina
Don JuanJerzy Sladkowski
Dugma – The ButtonPaul S. Refsdal
Keept FrozenHulda Rós Guðnadóttir
MagnusBenjamin Ree
MonaLisa StoryJessica Nettelbladt
Motley’s LawNicole Nielsen Horanyi
ReflectionsSara Broos
Return of the AtomMika Taanila & Jussi Eerola
The Magnitsky Act – Behind the ScenesAndrei Nekrasov
Those Who JumpEstephan Wagner, Moritz Siebert & Abou Bakar Sidibé

Best Nordic Short Film

AmbulanceSebastian Torngren Wartin
ChameleonChristina Lande
CirclesFrida Kempff
Dancing For YouErlend E. Mo
DelphiSøren Peter Langkjær Bojsen
DilapidatedOle Sebastian Kåss
EleganceVirpi Suutari
FantasyTeemu Nikki
Forgotten ReasonPeter Larsson
FrancisAhmed Abdullahi
Heart of the LandKaisa Astikainen
How Far She WentUgla Hauksdóttir
I Love AnnaJoonas Rutanen
Let Me RunBjörn Fävremark & John Boisen
LulinLudvig Stolterman
Make a WishJonatan Etzler
Melon RainbowLaurits Flensted-Jensen
Moms on FireJoanna Rytel
Mr Sand – Soetkin Verstegen
MukwanoCecilie McNair
SIAAnnika Berg
The Absence of Eddy TableRune Spaans
The BoygKristian Pedersen
The LogTeemu Nikki
Thoughts About LoveJani Ilomäki
You’ve Made Your Bed, Now Lie In ItAlexander Zwart

Best New Nordic Voice

Best Friends Forever and EverKatrín Björgvinsdóttir
BrothersThordur Palsson
FiniteMarius Rolfsvåg
Front View of my FatherNicoline Skotte Jacobsen
GolgothaUlla Heikkilä
Homo SacerLode Kuylenstierna
I Can’t Be Seen Like ThisAnna Gunndis Gudmundsdottir
KikiSara Jordenö
Moving TargetTanja Wol Sørensen
ResortKasper Møller Jensen



Funders 2016

Malmö Stad, Film I Skåne, Nordisk Panorama



Creative Europe MEDIA, Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordisk Film & TV-fond, Region Skåne

Malmö Näringslivskontor, ABF, Fair Trade City


Partners 2016

Anidox, BUFF, BoostHbg, Cykling utan ålder, Den Norske Filmskolen, DOK.Incubator, Doc Lounge, EDN, Filmcentrum Syd, Indie Film, Institute of Documentary Film, Invest in Skåne, Southern Sweden, Creatives, Malmö Konsthall, Knitwork, Krabstadt, WG Film, WIFT

Common Shores, Kultur I Väst, Västra Götalandsregionen, Viken filmsenter, Copenhagen Game Collective, Triband

Emmaus, Hylliebadet, Kon Tiki museet, Lovable Hat Cult, Mobility Week, Moxie & Mayhem, Till bords, Wall is a screen

Amiralen / Nöjesteatern, Babel, Grand Öl & Mat, Folkets Bio, Kao’s, Kullanders, Kulturcentralen, Mstore, Panora, Slagthuset, Scandic, Smak, Spegeln

Special Thanks

Adnuvo, Akelius, Atrium Ljungberg, Auto Images, Blå båten, Book a Boat, Evenemangsteknik, JM, Musik i Syd, Q-park, Way Creative.

Jimmy Arvidsson, Peter Dean, Oscar Hagbard, Hampus Jakobsson, Olof Marnung.

All of our Malmö Stad co-production partners: Barnkulturenheten, Gatukontoret, Malmö museer, Miljöförvaltningen, Sommarscen, Stadsarkivet, Stadsbiblioteket.

The wonderful Nordic filmmakers – without you we’d have no “campfires” to gather around.

Our fantastic volunteers – without you, there would be no festival.

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