Online exclusive: Masterclass with Hubert Sauper

Master filmmaker Hubert Sauper’s film Epicentro won the 2020 Grand Jury Award at the Sundance World Documentary Competition. Like Hubert’s previous highly acclaimed films Epicentro deals with the slave trade and its after-effects, (neo)-colonisation, the whims and workings of global powers, propaganda and globalisation – all in a highly engaged and poetic cinematic form. With a keen eye for detail and the absurd, Hubert’s films never fail to inspire and provoke. He poses big questions as he immerses himself in the complexity of the regions he portrays.

This masterclass with clips from Darwin’s Nightmare, We Come As Friends and Epicentro will be a journey through Hubert Sauper’s full body of work, in conversation with the world-renowned director himself. He has a unique insight into the position of the “alien eye” when creating thought-provoking art and encouraging viewers to make their own connections while experiencing surreal slices of life.

Masterclass livestream on Facebook Wed 23 sep 20.00-21.00

Online release 23 Sep 22.00